Greens & Grains

I passed by the pharmacy just yesterday for some killers to kill my pain. I wasn’t in such a good mood but the shop attendant was really cheerful and quite sweet. It belonged to Jesus else I’d have given it to her to sweeten it- my sweetheart. She gave me some Vitamin B supplements for my pain and some E for my mood.   

Just about leaving, she added for me to take some grains and I was like “do you means grain foods like banku, akple and kenkey??” She laughed sweetly and bounced her wavy hair to the side and made to talk but the more she tried, the more she couldn’t contain herself. Sensing something was amiss, I asked if I could her share in the joke. Then out of nowhere, she said she meant “greens” not grains. Greens as in kontomire, lettuce & the rest of the edible greens.

Then it was my turn to laugh at myself. How on earth can “greens” be banku and kenkey? I kept laughing all the way back to my hostel forgetting what had happened earlier in the exams hall. 

Life surely has a way of turning everything around at the last minute. It’s not assured life always gives seconds but today is (h)ours. 

Be in good cheer and live every hour to the fullest. Smile often. A smile is all it takes. The effort will be worth it. I’m not good at making people laugh but I just hope I made you smile – just a teeny bit reading this. Give me a like if you didn’t smile reading this. LOL
By: Kwame Adjei Nuako 


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