THESE 1’s…

Talk of honor; these ones have no shame.

Sitting in my corner, I watch this one display like a charlatan from London.

Making mention of how unfair previous administrations had been as we sat under this one’s ministration.

Transparency and accountability this one preached with such passion.

I knew.

I knew this was how they fought for their portion of the College cake.

If only we will grant this one a single wish – A chance to cut as much as a portfolio could carry.

A ticket to the Gala will be this one’s break.

The  incumbent promised an increase but we got a decrease and a Lake Bosomtwe of excuses.

A trip to America to walk the beautiful streets of Juneau and enjoy their spicy spaghetti, the incumbent promised.

Yet still here we stand – trying to forget the past as we wipe the whiteboards clean once again.

And here these ones come in their uniforms.

Full of themselves and their reforms.

As if we haven’t heard these sermons before.

No matter how different the approach, Genesis 1:1 will forever be what it is.

I listen out of curiosity but none of these ones has changed the gospel for the past four years.

This democracy of ours.

Where the fool has one vote and the wise also has one vote.

Where the poor never gets elected.

If only we could look beyond what we see.

If only we could decide beyond our affiliations.

If representation presents a different presentation, of what significance then is representation to the people?

Are we not better of without these ones?

I ask.

Talk of honor, these ones truly have no shame.

Proven to be true charlatans of London barber descent.

Sitting in my corner, from experience and reason; I need not listen to this one and others yet to come this year.

Nothing but Genesis 1:1 will it be

Yet, people can’t see.

By: Kwame Adjei Nuako


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