😇Silent Hill😇

  • God of our silent tears  
  • Who is silent but hears   
  • Calm our storms and quell unfriendly tides  
  • Our hope-In you our peace abides
  • God of our silent tears
  • Who is ours and theirs
  • Present we our closeted burdens
  • If you see us, please wave from the heavens
  • God of our silent tears
  • In you have we no fears
  • When the sunsets in the Valley
  • Shine my path along the alley
  • God of my silent tears
  • When evil my soul overwhelms
  • And darkness my stride engulfs
  • Remind me in whom have I placed my resolve
  • Of our silent tears – Oh God
  • We lift up hands in one accord
  • In silent prayer, the only thing we can afford
  • Avert thy eyes not from our board
  • Our Silent tears bring we on high
  • Teary-eyed do we visit your altar
  • Oh God – Our silent Hill
  • Beneath your shadow we tarry still 
  • Oh You – Comforter of my soul
  • Peace of my troubled spirit
  • As this new year approaches         
  • Your peace I pray – Calm my stormy oceans..

    God of my silent tears… PhotoCredit: http://theoldblackchurch.blogspot.co.ke/2009/02/god-of-our-weary-years-god-of-our.html?m=1

    By: Kwame Adjei Nuako