Déjà vu

There are people I meet for the first time and I can’t get them out of my head.
As hard as I try, the more I miss them instead. As if there was actually something we shared. Meanwhile, you can’t have something you never had…It’s more like I’ve met them before but I don’t even know their name and never heard their voice. All I remember is how they look and their smile. A smile which makes me smile back and wish I could behold it one more time. It’s really strange how strangers make me feel strange sometimes. 

  • On the muddy path I met her; not her all 
  • In her presence did I lose my balance 
  • Clothed in beauty, she caused my fall      
  • She saw where I fell short, held in her trance
  • Behold her glory!! Yes I did. In a glance  
  • The long and short of the matter 
  • She saw right through me as in a glass
  • I fell in love; I found myself in a gutter
  • I’m recovering from my wounds 
  • And my body hurts all over 
  • However, my heart aches more than ever
  • It seems best I tell you now or never
  • How I feel about feelings
  • So hard to explain like accepting your jealousy
  • I just hope you can relate to my views
  • Love to me, feels like a déjà vu…
PhotoCredit: What can I say? 4GmE🙏

By : Kwame Adjei Nuako