Roomie No.1

Well, I never had to deal with roommates till my first year in the university.I had dorm mates back in high school and that’s as far as it went.


First year in the university, cool deal. My other three roomies had already moved in when I arrived at my hall of residence. I knew none of them but I didn’t really care. I had heard stories about roomies from quite a number of friends and mehnn… some people are really “special“.


Let me say Roomie no.1 was one such special case. He spent all his time watching documentaries about religious conspiracies and all that YouTube stuff I’d like too if I were him. I don’t know whether the guy wanted to be a philosopher or a theologian. But who cares? I don’t…why should you?? He was no.1 and I was no.4. Anybody who has ever been to class 1 knows there’s a big difference between 1 and 4. No hating but he was a medical student and hypothetically speaking, I found most of those guys quite “medical” cases.


Roomie No.1 always kept the ONLY chair in the room occupied. Always…

He was always reading his notes or watching one of his weird documentaries. It didn’t really matter to me or us. We had all grown accustomed to his unceremonious ways. Unfortunately, it mattered once or twice because I had a quiz the next day and this guy kept the chair occupied all night watching Megamind. Have you seen that movie?? Some dumb purple balloon-headed cartoon.


Patience is a virtue right??

I set my alarm clock to 3.30am and decided to postpone reading for my quiz to the dawn. I could use the rest and peace and quiet after. Not very happily, I went to bed hoping I’d hear my alarm ring.


Fortunately, I heard the alarm ring and as I made my way down from my bed, I made the mistake of the week.

I turned on the lights.

Halfway down the ladder of the bunk bed, I saw a pillow fly towards the only and I mean the ONLY chair in the room.

WTF?? Who does that??? *my inner voice though*

Somebody being awake was the least I expected but somebody capturing the only chair I had patiently slept for was something I never saw coming.

I might have had a better chance of being struck by lightning. No need thinking far. Your guess is as good as mine. It was Roomie no.1.

Hmmm… mtchee. No. 1. Hmmm

As much as it got on my nerves that he had captured the chair, what really churned my stomach was I had woken up the guy to take my own cake from my own mouth. I felt like smacking the melanin out of the guy… make him as white as a day old albino. I didn’t. Not because I was afraid of him but the university had such a tight policy on fighting that I didn’t want to disappoint my parents. You know being in first year and getting expelled from school and all that long talk which comes with it. On top of that, you know… violence isn’t that gentlemanly ryt??


Although my ego had been smashed like lego, I got my shit together and descended the last 2 steps. Without saying a word to the guy sitting on “my chair“, I went to pee and washed the negativity off my mind and system. It was too early to be contemplating evil and it didn’t seem a good way to start my day.


I returned from the washroom expecting him to be reading his notes or doing something worthwhile. As unbelievable as it might sound, the guy who had hijacked the only chair-my only hope for a B or C in the test that morning was sitting comfortably in the chair, with his laptop ON and his handouts spread infront of him. Apparently, Roomie no.1 was studying but for one thing…
His eyes were closed…

Was he praying?? No, he wasn’t.

Was he meditating?? No, he wasn’t.

Was he reflecting?? No, he wasn’t.

Honestly, Roomie no.1 was SLEEPING.

A guy who sacrifices his soft comfortable Latex foam mattress for a hard wooden chair just for my sake. Is he not wonderful? ?

Hmmmm… So what do I call this guy??
Jesus, Ghandi, L.King Jnr. Or Kunta Kinte Or simply my roomie??

I guess he’s such a “special” case so let’s just call him Special Roomie no.1 .

I had to study on my bed but I passed my quiz anyway. That’s all matters.

But wait… Don’t judge him yet till you hear about the other one who put “Koobi”- salted dry tilapia in the wardrobe…

LOL. That’s actually a story for another day.

By: Kwame Adjei Nuako

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