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Where I met God

No better place did I meet God than amidst the natural elements. Visit a lonely beach, the countryside or try sitting still in the mountains. Listen to the birds chirps, the woods sing, the wind whistle among the hills and watch waves crash on the rocks while it kisses the sandy beach... Just connect to her. Nature is beautiful.


An Odelet to Theo

You dey feel am You no fi talk am Unless she no dey roll U go chok am You dey cute pics plus am  You no fi talk am Your room be ein favorite hangout  You no fi talk am Why u dey slack Why u dey defend somtin u fi attack Ma guy Ebi… Continue reading An Odelet to Theo

Eyes on the Environment


Throughout history, there have been countless assertions by some humans and organizations alike, proclaiming that the end of the world is near, and even offering dates for the ever awaited catastrophe! This event is popularly referred to as the doomsday/rapture and its chairperson being the "devil". Will this proposed event ever occur? The celebrated and… Continue reading IS THE END NEAR ?